I live close to the Staffordshire, Derbyshire border and have over 40 years experience behind the Lens.

My passion for Landscape Photography comes from my love of the great outdoors. I often rise before the sun and will travel miles to capture the sheer beauty of the British Landscape.

I have run workshops on Landscape Photography both in the Uk and overseas and will hopefully be looking to expand this in the future.

I was selected to be an ambassador for NiSi Filters which are the best quality filters available for photographers, and work alongside the other ambassadors to promote there use in the photographic field.

I have also more recently, become an Ambassador for a teriffic Tripod company FOTOPRO. These Proffessional Tripods are a pleasure to use and stand far more wear than some of the better known brands.

I am also a competent user of Photoshop in which I have run workshops for budding photographers. More recently though, I have been in demand for my Landscape Slideshows & Talk entitled 'Another Time - Another Place' to Photographic Clubs and interested groups around the UK

I considers it really important to get it right at the picture-taking stage, and not to rely on digital editing too heavily. I enjoy working on a PC using Photoshop, but this comes second to just being out there in some remote location, camera and tripod hoping to recreate that feeling you get when you capture something special.

I have been fortunate to have many images published, as well as written articles for some of the UK's top photographic magazines including: DIGITAL SLR USER, PHOTOGRAPHY MONTHLY, PRACTICAL PHOTOGRAPHY, DIGITAL PHOTO, AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER, WHAT DIGITAL CAMERA, PHOTO PLUS, F.P.M.E (Freelance Photography Made Easy), DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY TECHNIQUES, COUNTRY LIFE, DERBYSHIRE LIFE, STAFFORDSHIRE LIFE & THE DERBYSHIRE MAGAZINE.

Also my work has appeared in highly regarded books, such as - LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR, DEVELOPING VISION & STYLE - (A Landscape Photographers Masterclass) as well as others.

Further work also has been published in National Calendars, Book Covers, Music CD Covers, IOS & android apps, Newspapers, Catalogues, Brochures and Leaflets & Cards

Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments about the images you can see on this website, including free advice on all things photographic.

Thank you for visiting

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